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Choosing Your Path: A Look into DC Universe's Super Hero Character Creation System

The DC Universe is a pretty big and fantastic place filled with heroes, villains, and a thousand stories and adventures in between. For many years, fans of the franchise have followed the exploits of iconic characters through various forms of media, and in DCUO, you actually get to participate in this world as a character of your own making. Whether you want to sport a cape like Superman and Batman, or try on a hood like the Green Arrow and Spectre, or wear a mask like Deathstroke or Bane -the choice is all up to you; you can even decide to create a completely new look if you want to.

Release Date: 11th January 2011

Available on: PS4, PS3, Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.0/5

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The Basics

Before you jump ahead to actually designing your character, you will have to decide on a few basic things first. The most important are your character gender and morality -primarily because once you choose, you cannot change these. While gender does not affect gameplay, it certainly is one of the most important aesthetic choices you can make (since it will affect what you look and sound like). Morality determines if you are choosing a path of a hero or a villain (and this will affect the missions made available to you as well as which faction you will fight for).

Gameplay and Combat Determinant Factors

DC Universe Online: Fighting and Brawling in the Game

A player's powers pretty much determine what kind of gameplay they will have in terms of combat -abilities tend to be attuned to certain roles. In general, powers are grouped into the three roles they specialize in. Tanks will have powers of fire, ice, earth, or rage; as the name suggest, they can soak up damage and handle aggro. Controllers make use of gadget, mental, light, and quantum powers; these tend to play a combination of damage and support roles providing buffs/debuffs as well as restoring group powers. Lastly, healers make use of sorcery, nature, electricity, and celestial powers in order to keep the group alive with healing and defensive abilities.

Choosing a weapon style is as important as picking out a power. Weapons give characters a wide range of offensive abilities to use in battle and come in a very wide variety. Generally split between melee and ranged types, weapons are best used when complementing the player's powers.

Movement modes not only aid players in combat, but also determine how you get around from one area to another (which, like in most MMORPGs, is often). There are three options to choose from: flyers, speedsters, and acrobats. The definitions are pretty much self explanatory, though in-game, there are some things to take note of. One is that each movement type as a mode where travel is much faster, but attacking is disabled (unless you stop moving). Another is that each movement type provides players with additional attacks or evasive/maneuvering skills during combat.

Getting the Look Right

DC Universe Online: Character Creator

Between choosing between saving or enslaving the world, players also have one other major decision to make: their costume. From looking like a regular civvie to brightly-colored tights, DCUO offers players a wide array of choices when it comes to your look. There are various individual pieces for the head, face, chest, back, hands, waist, legs, feet, and even emblems. Many of these are inspired by existing DC heroes and villains (you can even use a template to base off from) so you can choose to even look like an existing character (but not exactly the same). As for the body, player are also able to choose between a wide range of skin types (from various colors to even made of rock, scales, etc), as well as hair variations.

Wrapping It Up

Once you are done with determining everything, players have to make one last big decision: the name. Since DCUO has a pretty large player base (and premium players can make up to six characters each), those new to the game should be aware that lots of name combinations have already been made. That said, do not hold back at trying to be creative when choosing a character name; make sure that it is a name you will like as nothing sucks worse than having a high level character whose name is something you are not happy with.


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DC Universe Online is developed by Sony Online Entertainment.

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