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Thor Son of Asgard

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Bridging the Worlds with Thor

Mysteries abound in Thor's first single player action game on the iOS. Thor: Son of Asgard may be all about bashing enemy heads in, but the ongoing storyline is not to be ignored. When the mighty Nordic-myth-kingdom is besieged, the great warriors three quickly seek Thor's counsel, and they bear ill news: Lady Sif has been willingly taken by the enemy. It is quite a plot twist well within the first 10 minutes of the game, and makes it all the more interesting to play. As fun as the back story is, the overall gameplay still suffers a bit from the repetitive gameplay and lackluster graphics. So the question is, is it worth playing?

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Another Odinsleep

One thing we know that Odin is not suffering from? Insomnia! This Norse god goes into Odinsleep as often as some cultures take a siesta: every single time. Kidding aside, with Asgard at its most vulnerable during Odin's little naps, it is often up to Thor and his comrades to keep the realm safe. This time, the threat seems to be a lot more widespread than expected, and the game takes you on an adventure across different realms, seeking out the bad guys and tracking down Lady Sif.

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Obviously, the Dark Elves storyline will be linked to the events of the upcoming Thor movie sequel, so we are guessing that this game is set roughly in the time between the two movies. But how canon is it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? No confirmations on that yet, though at this point, consider it to be quite likely. Continue Reading

Release Date: 10/05/2011

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

Video Review

Art: The Love and Hate Thing

The visuals of Thor: Son of Asgard are both enjoyable and deplorable. The backgrounds tend to be very basic and lack a lot of the details that you would expect from certain locations. Still, there is enough of everything to make them look visually unique -Asgard has that fantastic high scale architecture with its thematic beige with gold linings as seen in the previous film, the world of the frost giants is basically large masses of dark blue ice. One of the first new locations, the world of the elves, is lush with trees and architecture that looks vaguely similar to the stuff you'd find on Middle Earth.

The character models, are as low detailed as the backgrounds they are on (which is a shame, where did all those extra polygons go?). So we are left with a Thor that looks vaguely between an unfinished character model and enemies that look like they're the low-res NPC critters on Warcraft maps.

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The animation is, at least more interesting to watch. Thor's attacks are context sensitive, he'll switch between kicking, swinging his hammer around, and actually flying a couple of meters forward to inflict some serious beatdown on his foes. The catch is that the transitions of the attacks are not that smooth, so you'll have to adapt to the slightly sluggish reaction times. Also, the magic combo finishers are so useful (and easily exploitable), that there's a pretty good chance you will be using them all the time.

Thor Son of Asgard is developed by Marvel Mobile.

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