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Get Awesome with Team Awesome On Your Tablet and Phone!!

They were just four ordinary people, stuck in four dead-end jobs - until one day a mysterious meteor crashed to earth and made everything... AWESOME! Get ready for the explosive new side-scrolling arcade game from the Edis Brothers Team Awesome!

It's the game with everything: aliens, robots, explosions, cats, trains, trucks, and shiny gold coins... lots of shiny gold coins! More cats, hover cars, hover boards, fruit bowls, brick walls, wrecking balls, a crazy dentist, soccer games and coffee? Giant toxic spiders, fires, cross dressing, break dancing, pizzas, donuts, guys in giant toilets, pool toys, ufos, and even more cats!

oh, and one dog.

Get Awesome with Team Awesome!!!

Release Date: 04/12/2012

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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  • Tablet and phone support
  • In-game narration by videogame voice legend Jon St John!!
  • 150 goals/missions
  • 50 episodes
  • 6 upgradeable power-ups
  • 4 awesome heroes, each with their own special ability & backstory
  • 4 Super-villains to defeat
  • Destructible environments and objects
  • Simple one-touch controls
  • Combine objects for multi-stage missions, e.g. smash bank robbers and return the money to the bank
  • Cinematic cameras - looks like an action movie!
  • Wacky humour and hidden surprises
  • Quick fix, bite-sized gaming
  • Google TV support

Well, what are you waiting for? Time to get Awesome!!


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Team Awesome is developed by Ezone.

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