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Electro, Green Goblin, Vulture, and the rest of the Sinister Six have found a way to fully increase their roster of villains without having to change the name of their squad (apparently, that’s a thing). And the idea is nothing short of ingenious: recruiting their “other selves” from other dimensions. This crazy sounding plan takes off and now they have managed to completely out-number Spider-Man, again (because apparently, six bad guys just isn’t enough for the web crawler). Thankfully Parker is not completely without hope: with the help of SHIELD director Nick Fury, they also open portals to other universes and recruit other versions of Spider-Man to even the playing field. This is the world of Spider-Man Unlimited.

Run, Crawl, Swing

Spider Man Unlimited Mobile App Game: Web Slinging

Despite the fact that Spider-Man is not often depicted in a running pose (most posters will have him sticking on a wall or swinging around), having the web crawler in a running game with a semi-practical system is pretty awesome once you actually get to try it out. In Spider Man Unlimited, players must accurately dodge, jump, slid, and punch their way through various falling water towers, attacking enemy soldiers, and giant robotic things that are just blocking your way.

But if you thought the action stopped with that, you are quite wrong. The game will shift around with its’ game modes forcing players to deal with different types of environmental hazards and enemies as Spider-Man weaves across rooftops, the Oscorp Building, the maintenance shafts below the Oscorp Building, aboard one of the Sinister Six’s aerial battleships, and even across the legs of Doctor Octopus’ giant robot-octopus (it is awesome, trust us).

The controls don’t stay static either, aside from getting faster as your run lasts longer, the game also shifts between running, wall crawling, and web swinging depending on where you currently are. Oh, and it also implements the use of the Spider-sense in the most panic-inducing (yet exciting) method we have ever seen (seriously, your reflexes will be tested to its’ limits).

Cel Shaded FTW

Spider Man Unlimited Mobile App Game: Cell Shaded

There is a reason why cel-shaded graphics work so well for comic-book superheroes: because the comics share the same color palette. It is an effect that you just cannot get with regular realistic textures, and that visual decision has made Spider-Man Unlimited the best looking Marvel franchise game to boot.

Spider Man Unlimited Mobile App Game: Various Spidermen

Each of the various Spider-Men are depicted with great detail too, from Noir to 2099 (only Ultimate Spidey is currently missing from the available roster to have a full Shattered Dimensions reunion) is here. Even obscure versions such as Fantastic Bagman, Mangaverse Spider-Man (the Japanese one who is also a ninja), to epic powerhouses such as Cosmic Spider-Man and Iron Armor Spider-Man, allows players to have plenty of variations to choose from. Of course, the villains are nicely depicted as well. While they are mostly palette swaps of each other, the variances are done so well that we cannot help but appreciate it all. Continue Reading

Release Date: 10/09/2014

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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Iso-8, Again

Introduced in Marvel: Avengers Alliance and used in every single Marvel-branded mobile game, super-element Iso-8 is once again used as the premium currency for this game. Maybe all of Marvel’s super powered beings just want to play mobile apps, but whatever the case may be, players must make use of this resource wisely. The good thing is that you can actually gain a decent amount of it just by playing the game so there’s really not much of a paywall. Also, the game presents lots of events for players to receive either Iso-8 or special rewards from.

The Verdict: Way to Go, Tiger

Featuring a robust story mode, a few voiced bits of dialogue, impressive art direction, clever running mechanics, and most importantly, incredibly addictive gameplay it is so fun hearing Spider-Man throw wise-cracks as you zip past obstacles and beat up bad guys, Spider-Man Unlimited is a game that every mobile gamer should try out. Oh, and did mention that it also has fun boss fights -because it does. For a free to play title, it also makes use of a very conservative approach to encouraging players to throw in a bit of cash to support the game (getting the exp or vials increase upgrade is a useful thing to have early on). And for a great game to be like that, it deserves to be on our list of the best free titles to ever hit the mobile scene.

We give Spider Man Unlimited a score of: 85/100

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Spider Man Unlimited is developed by Gameloft.

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