Spider Man Unlimited Walkthrough & Tips for Mobile

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So you have discovered the amazing cel-shaded glory that is Spider-Man Unlimited and you now want to fully enjoy the game to its’ fullest. Well, here’s the good news: learning to play the game is downright easy. The hard part is mastering it. So here is our guide on becoming one of the best Spider-Men to even take the multiverse attack of the Sinister Six.

Mastering the System

One of the things that new players get to enjoy is unlimited continues before hitting level 10 on any Spider-Man. This means that as long as your units stay level 9 and below, Fury will keep refilling your health. Try to maximize this at first and get as many of the 3 star Spider-Men early on (you will want them for a few special story missions that require them). Events are always tempting to try out, but if you are just starting out, do not think about the ranks. Instead look at the event-specific rewards that grant you bonuses just by performing a certain number of specific feats (combo, distance travelled, vials collected, enemies beaten, bosses defeated, etc). If you think you can reach the maximum amount before the event ends, then you should invest the time and lives for it. Otherwise, focus on finishing all three story chapters (you will be forced to play events when you encounter story stages that require higher levels to beat anyway –as you will need to gain new cards).

Save Your Iso-8 and Vials

Resources in this game appear often enough that you may be tempted to splurge on plenty of little things: like opening up a ton of portals, or continuing a run after you made a big mistake. Well guess what, there are other investments you will want to use these resources on: expanding the team space, purchasing the perma-upgrades on vials and exp, and when you really need it, circumventing the rank-up requirements for 6-star Spider-Men. If you plan on competing on the ranked matches, these become very crucial too. Anything else is not worth it; continuing may seem cheap at first, but remember that refilling all 5 spider-lives will only cost 3 Iso-8 compared to having two retries. The active party team (which allows you to bring more than one Spider-Man on a run –for exp sharing) can be expanded with Iso-8, though it is better to be patient and just finish the initial 3 story chapters to open up these upgrades for free. Oh, if you really want to purchase a premium portal, go ahead. Just wait for the daily 12 Iso-8 discount that allows you to get a premium portal for a little less than half the original cost of 25.

Event Rankings: Risk vs Reward

Once you have a good number of Spider-Men unlocked and given good levels too (maybe even a 5 star unit maxed out at level 70), you might be itching to compete with the rest of the game’s community of players. Ranked events are always score based which means it becomes a battle of who can play a single run for the longest time.

Of course, two other factors come into play: combos and score-multipliers. All events will have special cards that have bonus multipliers. So try to aim for events that your team of Spider-Men have the most bonuses for (a level 70 card will have a multiplier of x9, and if that is a special card for an event with a x4 multiplier, that card alone will grant you a x36 bonus, not counting the three other bonuses you get from your other three units. Another thing to think about is the combo system. Increasing your combo means that you must not only play and survive a run, you must actively seek out combo increasing acts: beating enemies, passing through rings, and getting “near miss” bonuses. The higher your combo is, the faster your score accumulates but an undefined multiplier. The risk of chasing a combo is that you play more dangerously –chasing after enemies and waiting till the last minute to dodge obstacles. Of course, playing safe has its’ own risk: slower score growth does not slow down how fast your run increases over time –and it will reach that point where your own reflexes will not be able to keep up with the speed. So the idea is to gain as high as score as possible until you reach a point where you simply cannot manage to get any farther.

Fast Decisions

Aside from the big tips we gave above, here are a few important points to remember about the game as well –especially when you are in a run.

Take enemies over vials when you can. Defeated enemies will also give vials along with adding to your combo count. So when the game gives you an option between these two paths, choose the one with the enemy.

Do not overdo the Unlimited mode. The “new high score in Unlimited mode” side-objective appears pretty often, so do not raise the score here too high. Wait for a day that this appears as a requirement for the gold reward then beat the score. Then right after you beat the high score, lose. Then do the same the next day that it appears as a challenge again. The reward of 3 Iso-8’s over and over more than offsets the value of a very high score in Unlimited (just play an event stage if you want to run for as long as you can).

Gold enemies drop Iso-8. So keep an eye out for them and make sure they are taken down to get those precious resources.

The Shop has upgrades, so check them out. There are four types of power-ups in the game you can acquire during a run and you can increase their effect duration in the shop upgrades. The good thing is that this only requires vials (a lot of them), so try to get these when you go for events they can be a big help.

Lastly, when doing the story missions, try to do them perfectly without having to continue. Aside from being able to save up on Iso-8, you also get to practice your spider-skills (as well as get you oriented on the various obstacle appearance patterns) which will prove extremely useful in events.