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Marvel War of Heroes

For Good and Ill, A Comic Themed IAP Card Game

DeNA has been pretty (in)famous in the mobile game community -after all, Mobage has some of the most addictive yet utterly unfair F2P games ever made. These games have been designed to be absolute time sinks and players already know what to expect: utterly addictive grinding and trading mechanics. This game will pull you in deep if you enjoy these types of games, but if your also a fan of Marvel comics, expect the draw to more effective by the fourfold. Marvel: War of the Heroes is an in-depth card battling game that manages to surpass the initial glitz and glamour of being themed with a major franchise.

Good Material, Greater Execution

Marvel War of Heroes Mobile: Incredible Hulk and Thor

Getting a big name franchise and slapping the brand on a generic game genre has been a long time practice in the world of video game development. After all, what better way to ensure a customer base than to start off with something that already has fans. When it comes to fans, Marvel has them by the thousands. So this is why we were not particularly surprised to hear that a new Mobage game based on these iconic comic book characters was going to come out.

Still, the franchise is just half the battle, the rest still relies heavily on the gameplay mechanics. And this is where DeNA is really good at: getting players hooked. Currently, Marvel: War of the Heroes has a very active player community with a dynamic economy that evolves with each of the game’s events. Cards are sought after according to rarity, stats, and artwork. Players seek out alliances with one another in order to achieve better in-game performance.

This may seem a little daunting for first timers -after all, when you jump into a pool of long time swimmers, it is hard to find others who share the same pace as you. And in the case of a game like WotH, this means that an entire game of playing catch up with the long-term high level players (unless you decide to empty out your wallet to get the premium content).

Anyway, the bottom line is that players should not take this game lightly. Sure, it has a Marvel branding on it to attract fans, but the system is nothing short of a pure IAP card-trading game, and it is as grinding and grueling as they come. Continue Reading

Release Date: 25/09/2012

App Store Rating: 3.6/5

Game Trailer

How it Works

Marvel War of Heroes Mobile: Missions

If you have played other mobile card games where you “pull” cards and aim to get the highest ranking cards (in the case of WotH, Legendary cards). Then you probably already know how this game plays. For those who are new to the genre and were pulled into this game primarily because of the Marvel branding, here’s a quick heads up.

The game basically revolves around getting better cards than the ones you currently have at any given time (basically, constantly upgrading your cards). Without shelling out any cash, acquiring cards is a tediously slow and painful process that requires many hours of grinding and very little rewards. The game is designed to encourage players to shell out a bit of cash to get decent cards. Trading is a good way to get better cards without spending money, but you will have to study the current in-game economy in order to find a way to trade your way up.

Stats are everything in the game, the rarer the rank of the card, the higher the stats are. The higher your stats are, the easier you can fulfill missions. There are a few subtleties such as speed, power (bruiser), and tech which affect the efficiency of cards -but unless you are in a really high-level pitched-battle, these nuances will not matter so much. This would be a bit of a disappointment for those of you hoping to stick with a few lower rank cards that have great artwork.

One Foot In, One Foot Out

Marvel War of Heroes Mobile: Collect Cards

As gamers, we do encourage every single Marvel fan to at least give this game a try. But be warned, if you have a propensity for gambling, you might want either to lock out this game from allowing you to make in-app purchases, or just set a specific spending budget for it. The chance of pulling good cards is quite addictive for certain players (and there are already several who spent a few hundred more than they should have). The in-game trading community is pretty deep and established (there are even a few unsanctioned RMT transactions going on) so finding a good deal or trade will be hard. Putting those considerations aside, War of the Heroes is a pretty fun game that allows you to collect various cards containing iconic Marvel characters (in their various incarnations too).

We give Marvel: War of the Heroes a score of: 85/100

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Marvel War of Heroes is developed by Mobage.

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