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Marvel Run Jump Smash

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Marvel Run Jump Smash Assembles Review: Your Endless Running Dreams

The endless runner genre works wonders for mobile devices for one reason: they are great for quick plays. And Marvel Run Jump Smash plays heavily to that aspect of endless running. Sure, you can have fun in this game if you decide to marathon it for an entire afternoon -but it also fits in well if you decide to do a quick run just to while away a few moments of your time. Being able to take on the role of a Marvel superhero as jump, float, blast, shoot, and smash your way through enemies and obstacles while collecting oh-so-important coins has never been more and addictive.

Smash Indeed

Marvel Run Jump Smash: Smash Indeed

It goes without saying that as much fun as this game, you would have to be a fan of Marvel's superheroes to fully appreciate the game. Sure, the comic book fans will be the ones to notice even the smallest nuances (or consider Captain Marvel even the slightest bit interesting), but even those who have only watched the movies or animated TV shows will be sure to love the game. Anyone else without much love for the franchise would simply find themselves with a pretty fun and addictive endless runner with a unique gameplay mechanic.

Let JARVIS Show You How

The game starts out with players controlling a SHIELD agent. Which is, to say the least, uber lame. But that changes pretty quickly as soon as you grab your first super hero token. This will instantly swap out a your shifty looking agent with a superpowered hero that will allow you to pretty much bulldoze through a segment of your run. The duration of the hero's presence is limited by a timer (that can be extended through upgrades), so players must make the most of the time that they are available.

Marvel Run Jump Smash: Heroes with Different Abilities

Each hero has his or her own set of offensive abilities which will allow you to easily disperse of enemies. But the most important factor here are the movement abilities, special jumps and other maneuvering skills must be put into use in order to grab all the special coin trails that appear in the game. Grabbing coins in succession without getting hit by enemies or obstacles provides players with a massive multiplier bonus -and what matters the most at the end of each run is how much coins you have earned as this will allow you to obtain very crucial upgrades that make each run more efficient than the last (we highly recommend any passive abilities that increase the amount earned per coin, and secondly, increasing the duration of hero usage time).

Your Fantastic Four

Marvel Run Jump Smash: Assemble Your Heroes

While we have yet to see Reed Richards and his crew in the game, players start out with four superheroes: Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow. Obviously, the starting lineup has been chosen for popularity and the fact that they are the among the most famous Avengers, or Marvel movie icons (though some might argue that Spider-Man might have been a better starter that Steve Rogers).

Four More Heroes in Marvel Run Jump Smash

Four other characters: Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Thor, and Captain Marvel round up the rest of the crew though players will have to dish out a wee bit of cash to access them. Whether this amount is worth it depends mostly on whether or not these characters are your favorites or not. For some folks, the Web Crawler seems like an instant must-have, while others may want to hold up for further updates that would reveal more playable characters. As for us, we are quietly keeping our fingers crossed for Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and The Silver Surfer (since these guys would be awesome in an endless runner). Continue Reading

Release Date: 31/08/2014

Available on: Android

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

Game Trailer

Spider-Ham Would Be Proud

The game makes good use of animated 2D visuals that have smooth animations and plenty of graphical details. Do note that we have observed a bit of slowdown in some points, but that is only on those rare occurrences when everything in the screen gets filled up with explosions. The visual response to player input is satisfyingly fast and accurate -making the endless running feel complete and solid.

The amount of credits earned per run is mostly based on how well you can collect coins (and basically, how well you can maneuver using the different superheroes). The good part is that coins appear in formations that are based on who you are controlling at the moment. The upgrade system is straightforward and allows players to easily make decisions on what to get without placing too many risky buttons that may have you buying stuff unnecessarily.

The Verdict

Marvel Run, Jump, Smash sound primarily like a Hulk-only game and yet it manages to work pretty well with a whole host of characters. The obvious fact that this is still trying to promote the movies means that characters who have yet to gain to screentime or are not associated with the movies may not appear. Captain Marvel's presence, at the very least, shows that the developers are not alienating the core comic-book fans. The controls are intuitive, the visuals are easy to figure out, the challenge levels rise proportionately to your progress, and the character designs are wickedly cute. Overall, RJS has managed to tick every single important point on the checklist and then some.

We give Marvel Run, Jump, Smash a score of: 87/100


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