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LEGO Batman DC Super Heroes

Lego Batman DC Super Heroes Ought to Have Been a Justice League Game

The second Lego Batman game features more than Batman, Robin, and Nightwing; it also features Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and many other DC characters. In fact, it features so many other super heroes that we were originally wondering why it was not called LEGO Justice League in the first place (it actually makes a bit of sense later on but we will leave that for players to figure out why). The important part is that this is a LEGO game, and like so many other LEGO games, expect this one to provide you with brickloads of fun.

All The Trimmings

Lego Batman DC Heroes Mobile Game: Stunning Graphics

For those of you who have never played the LEGO video game series, we highly suggest you stop reading this and buy one right now. There are plenty to choose from (aside from the obvious Batman lineup), there are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Super Heroes, Harry Potter, etc.

The game consists of controlling those little LEGO minifigs of iconic characters, as they work their way through recreations of iconic events in movies (or in the case of Marvel Super Heroes and The Batman series, through an original storyline). The game plays like a straight forward beat-em-up, but with a few LEGO themed joys scattered everywhere. Enemies explode into little bricks when defeated, players can assemble and dissemble objects in the stage in order to progress or unlock secrets (like blowing up a truck, a sign board, and a couple of other environmental objects allow you to create a new vehicle on the spot).

Lego Batman DC Heroes Mobile Game: New Suits, Gadgets and Super Heroes

Each LEGO minifig will have unique abilities that will allow it to move around or interact with the stage in a way that other figs cannot. In the case of DC Super Heroes, Batman has a grappling hook to reach certain locations that other characters cannot access. Meanwhile, Superman’s flight and super-strength allows him to access parts of stages that would have otherwise remained locked if players were playing as other characters. Continue Reading

Release Date: 25/04/2013

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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Plenty of Replay Value

Lego Batman DC Heroes Mobile Game: Defend Gotham City from the Joker and Lex Luther

The whole point of playing with actual LEGO bricks in real life is to experiment and see what you can do with the pieces you have. The LEGO video game provides players with additional replay value by ensuring that stages have plenty of unlockables and explorable content by adding in locations that would not be accessible in the first run-through.

The game is set up in such a way that you play through missions using specific characters -more often than not, Batman and Robin. Once you finish a stage you can come back to it using specific LEGO minifigs of other characters or as custom minifigs. With these new minifigs, players would be able to access powers and abilities that would allow them to open up new areas of stages. Completionists who intend to seek out all the special red bricks will love this. Those who are not too keen on the exploration part of the game will still find the experience of playing through the stage still worthwhile -since combat using different characters provides a different gameplay.

Laughs to be Had

Lego Batman DC Heroes Mobile Game: Batman and Cat Woman

The storytelling approach in LEGO Batman DC Super Heroes is nothing short of outstanding. Much in the line of any other LEGO game, the cutscenes are both astoundingly well made and at the same time, really fun to watch. Characters deal with their new limitations and capabilities as LEGO pieces. Most of the gags come from the heroes themselves, but seeing the villains trying to work together is fun on its’ own too.

The best thing is that this game does not take itself seriously. The medium and character designs are obviously designed for a lighthearted approach to things. That being said, do not expect some deep storyline here. Just good old fashioned heroes and villains doing what they do best.

Better Than the First

The original LEGO Batman was a fun game (we still remember Robin accidentally wrecking every single Bat-vehicle in the game), but this sequel is so much better. The inclusion of most of DC’s League members sets up a pretty obvious direction for the story, but the gameplay experience is truly what players should be after.

The overall challenge level for this game is downright basic, and most core gamer will hardly break a sweat on this -of course, that does not matter. You do not play a LEGO game for the challenge or the story; you do it for the laughs, and this game will have you in fits.

We give LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes a score of: 95/100

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LEGO Batman DC Super Heroes is developed by Warner Brothers Games.

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