Justice League Earths Final Defense Mobile Game and Review for iOS

Justice League Earths Final Defense

Experience full 3D RPG action and play as your favorite Justice League Super Hero! 5 DC Comics super heroes are now ready for your command. Lex Luthor plots his revenge on the Justice League, and aligns himself with other villains such as Ares, Sinestro, Gorilla Grodd and the Joker to try to take down the Justice League and bring doom to the planet. Continue Reading

Release Date: 01/08/2012

App Store Rating: 4.1/5

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Justice League: Earths Final Defense Game is Still Better than the New 52

Okay, we are kidding, kind of. The New 52 is just so much fun to pile on that we could not help but point out that this simple, circa-2012 mobile app game manages to be more entertaining than the comics (at some points, not always). Anyway, JL: EFD (yes, we meant Justice League: Earth's Final Defense, now excuse us from refraining to spell that out over and over again) is an entertaining bash-em-and-beat-em mobile app game (basically, a beat-em-up, for those of you who feel confused). You get to choose between Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (also Flash and Green Lantern, if you feel so inclined to pony up some cash upfront), and then beat the living crap out of anything you face in-game. Fun right?

Seems Vaguely Familiar

Justice League: Earths Final Defense: Choose Superman

For those of you comic fans who have played the X-Men and the Marvel Alliance games on the consoles and have been wondering: "why is there nothing like this for DC?", well here it is. Except that JL: EFD has little to no storyline (sorry Cyborg, we know you're trying really hard to provide some exposition in-game, but it would have been better off if you left the Watchtower and joined the playable roster instead), and the entire focus is on bashing enemies, earn experience points, leveling up your character, and bashing your enemies even harder than you did the first time.

There is a slight sense of repetitiveness in the game, but that hardly matters because it will be a very long while before players even start thinking or feeling that way. The combat mechanics are well designed for the touch screen interface and makes beating up the baddies so much fun. As expected, Bruce, Clark, Diana, Barry, and Hal each have different fighting techniques, so playing as different characters will mean having slightly different gameplay experiences.

The three core characters available at the start of the game: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, each represent the three major fighting stats (power, speed, and critical hits). Batman's very-human fighting technique focuses on critical hits (allowing him to occasionally do more damage than the other two). Superman's strength gives him plenty of power (though his high mobility thanks to flight capabilities makes him super fast as well. Wonder Woman on the other hand has plenty of agility allowing her to do some pretty fast combos. Of course Flash is the main speedster of the group, though if you are not too keen on getting IAPs early into the game, you will not get to see him in action just yet.

Odd Writing, Good Visuals

Justice League: Earths Final Defense: Support Cards

The game's use of cel shaded characters helps keep the comic book look alive and well. Though we do wish the game had more of the over-exaggerated BAMS, BONKS, WIFFS, and all those other fun onomatopoeic expressions. It would match the look as well, since the game is obviously trying to promote the comics more than the WB movies (the likenesses of the characters in the game heavily reflect their new 52 outfits). There are, of course, alternate costumes reflecting a combination of popular and slightly obscure outfits from the comics -Steampunk Batman looks pretty cool here.

The onscreen layout of buttons feels a little too "pre-set" and it would have helped if you were allowed to drag buttons even on a vertical axis (like Galaxy on Fire 2), which is particularly useful for players on tablet devices (especially for those with casings that make holding the corner of the screen rather uncomfortable.

Justice League: Earths Final Defense: Fighting Gameplay

The rest of the user interface benefits from a slightly streamlined layout, though the slow and clunky operation (it has been reported that playing the game on later devices lowers this issue by a lot) makes us feel that this would all have benefited a lot more if the folks at Waynetech decided to help smooth things over (or at least an update patch from the real-life folks who did the interface for the Arkham Origins app game).

And since we are in the process of nit-picking, the in-game text feels like the game was developed by non-English speaking writers making use of Google Translate. Thankfully, the non-story-ness of the game means that the text does little to detract from the fun and comes out as something to laugh or smile about in the few instances that it does pop out.

Should You Play It?

Justice League: Earths Final Defense: Full 3D Graphics

Fans of DC comics will certainly enjoy this game since it was designed specifically for them, but aside from that, those not familiar with the series may want to try something else. The gameplay is easy to figure out, the combat is solid, and the pace is pretty decent. It is definitely worth a try for any gamer in general, but the only folks who will be sticking with the fun would be the die hard fans.

We give Justice League: Earth's Final Defense a score of: 83/100

Justice League Earths Final Defense is developed by Net Marble.

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