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Please note: This app has been officially removed from the app stores. Find the latest Super Hero Games for Android & iOS here.

Complete access to all of Iron Man’s suits is a comic-geek’s fantasy come true. And we come pretty close with Gameloft’s official Iron Man 3 touch screen game. The 3D graphics are downright impressive, showcasing each suit in all of its three dimensional glory. Even better is the fact that you can upgrade each and every single one –allowing you to even play favorites. Of course, as a free game with in-app purchases, getting everything in one go is not possible. You will have to play a lot, or pay up a little to unlock the stronger suits in the game.

Fly, Shoot, and Watch Stuff Explode

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The Iron Man 3 app is basically a running game; except that instead of running on your legs and dodging obstacles, you are flying in one of Tony’s awesome suits and blowing stuff up (while also dodging the occasional obstacle). This is a two handed game, so try to find a nice flat surface to put down your device while playing. One finger will determine the direction of your flight, the other hand will direct your projectile attacks. That said, we highly recommend using a stylus for this game –players with big hands will undoubtedly block some crucial visual elements otherwise.

The point of the game is to keep blowing up enemies and collect powerups along the way. The more energy you collect, the more credits you earn. Having more credits is vital as they are used to upgrade suits and also, purchasing new ones. The more you take out a suit for combat, the more damage it takes. Eventually, a suit will be too damaged and it will have to be brought to JARVIS for repairs. This compels players to have several upgraded suits as opposed to just focusing on just one –since it allows you the chance to keep playing, compared to just waiting for your favorite armor to get fixed. Continue Reading

Release Date: 25/04/2013

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

Game Trailer

Heavily Graphic

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This game features really good visuals and an impressive voice acting cast. Sure, they did not get RDJ or Gweneth to reprise their roles, but the VA’s are doing a darn good impression. And they certainly make the game significantly more entertaining as it really feels like you are playing along with a grand storyline. The game puts you high in the sky with hostile attack drones, extremis soldiers, and even a few comic villains. The boss fights are particularly fun as you get to make full use of the suit’s various special attack moves. We love the fact that despite being a mobile game, IM3 gets the full cinematic visual treatment, from the user interface to the actual game itself, it all looks polished and well made. Tony would certainly approve.

The Verdict

It is easy to see that fans of MCU would love to play this game, after all, few other genres can maximize on the abilities of the Iron Man armors. The fact that it blends in elements of the movies with details from the comics makes it a treat to play for fans. And in the end, that is what truly makes Iron Man 3 a must-play game.

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Iron Man 3 is developed by Gameloft.

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