Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough & Tips for Mobile

Injustice Gods Among Us mobile Game App

Are you ready for a meta-human smash fest? Injustice brings together a wide list of DC's major heroes and villains together for fighting game designed wholly for the iOS. Yep, this is not a port of the PS3/X360 console games. Instead, the app version of Injustice features a whole new gameplay mechanic specifically made for touch screen users -all the superhuman action, without the fuss of the buttons. Of course, gone are the various self-styled combos you can perform. Injustice iOS is all about timing, performing super moves, and making those critical super-bar recharging hits land.

When Superman goes bad, what is the world going to do? Injustice: Gods Among Us tackles the tale of DC Universe's biggest heroes as they struggle with the weight of their powers. Featuring a huge roster of heroes and villains to choose from, Injustice is one of the most extensive fighting games on the iOS (and this is a completely different game from the console versions), and mastering it will take players a long while. Fortunately, we are here to help. This little guide will get you through the starting parts of the game and get you in the right direction.

First Off, Save Your Credits

After getting past the tutorial and getting your first team of bronze cards, you can start fighting. Do so; this will get you into the feel of the game -such as how to time combos, when to land the "combo finisher" gesture, and more importantly, how the power gauge fills. But we will get to the finer points of that in a bit; the thing we will talk about now is your first all-important lesson: do not use up the credits you earn. While it may be tempting to buy a few support cards or a bronze card of a hero you like, don't. Chances are you might get a free bronze card you like during the stages. And since credits don't come easy, earning enough for your first gold card is a long climb.

Watch the Energy Bars

Energy bars allow you to use special powers, which in turn cause massive damage and in some cases, also provide useful status effects. Our tip: observe how your combos and the damage you take affect these bars. Landing a full combo on an enemy causes damage and earns you a bit of energy. Taking a hit will get you a bigger amount of energy with the tradeoff of losing a bit of life. This is where the game gets complex -if you consistently pound the enemies with combos, they will start assailing you with specials. Of course, the mechanic goes both ways and learning how to carefully balance when to attack and when to block could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Special Moves 101

Each character has three special moves -the first one is unlocked by default. To get the second and third level moves, you will need to upgrade the cards. Do not upgrade your bronze and silver cards -focus your credits on unlocking a gold card and upgrading that. Also, the higher the tier of the special move, the more energy bars it depletes, and the more damage it can deal. Yes, there are cases where a single level three special move from a gold character can instantly kill an opponent.

It is also important to know that your team gains energy even if they are not the ones currently fighting. So it actually makes sense to for characters with high defense and energy depleting specials (like Lex Luthor) to serve as starting units that will keep the enemy from charging energy and at the same time, this tank can soak up damage while your heavy hitter charges up a level three special.

Of course, you cannot just swap characters in and out -there is a slight cooldown to be observed so getting the timing of your moves right is an important factor in the game.

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Observe the Enemy

The thing about the enemy AI is that it is pretty much predictable. Yep, there are plenty of occasions when you can force a computer to swap out characters and use up a special move. All you need to be is observant. When an enemy character receive more than 50% damage to life bars and then knocked to the ground, they are more likely to swap out with a different character -who is likely to perform a special move when it arrives. So in this case, be prepared to block. Since special moves cannot be made to clash with each other, the defending party must always perform a block to minimize the damage. With that said, try to time your special moves during the normal combo animations of your enemies; this will help ensure that you get to land your hits without them blocking.

Card Ranks Matter

Normally, we would recommend that players try to get a DC character they want on their roster while playing. In this game, that is barely good advice unless you have a favorite hero among the gold cards (and yes, Batman is a gold character -many would be happy about that). This is because like any other free to play "card" game, the cards with higher rarity values have an absurd advantage over the ones that don't (and with that said, Green Arrows fans will understandably feel a little sad). And once you do get a gold card, the second and third priorities involve getting a second and third gold cards and upgrading those too.

This game mechanic does make the Injustice app a little too grind-y for some players, so expect to play for a few hours a day before it gets repetitive and tiresome. Our recommendation is to also play around with the other bronze cards on the lower tier matches once you use up the energy of your main team -this not only gives you a brief change of pace, but also allows you to observe and learn the special moves of other characters as well as earn a few more credits for your team.