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Captain America The Winter Soldier

There are Plenty of Cameos in Captain America: The Winter Soldier Mobile Game

Captain America: the Winter Soldier was a pretty big and bold movie that is loved by a lot of Marvel fans. So a mobile game tie up to the film will have some pretty big shoes to fill. We will say this outright: as a movie tie in, the Winter Soldier game app comes out pretty lacking in a lot of fields. But that is only because the movie was really that good (only to be surpassed by none other than Civil War, though some fans may argue that the Winter Soldier was better). Putting the tie-in aside, this mobile app game is not as bad as some people think.

Steve's Squad

steves squad

While Captain America is often shown punching his way through HYDRA forces single handedly, Nick Fury has decided that it is better to give Steve Rogers a helping hand. In this game, players control Captain America and two other SHIELD soldiers in combat. While they are not enhanced by the super soldier serum like Cap, these two well armed fighters prove to be pretty useful in battle as they are able to provide explosive and devastating firepower as both direct and cover fire for the First Avenger. When all three work together, they can wipe out entire groups of enemies pretty quick.

With this, the game gets a pretty great combat system where players are not just mindlessly bashing enemies with attacks. There is also a tactical side to the combat where you must determine how to best utilize the additional offensive strength of your support units. These two soldiers are upgradable, allowing you to utilize them even more in later stages as their range of capabilities, and their overall battle power increases. Naturally, Cap's abilities also increase as you progress -mowing down enemies means getting credits and other resources -which you will use in order to make your characters grow.

The game also has a small Avengers logo that appears whenever you reach a certain point during gameplay. Tapping on this will summon an Avengers teammate -such as Black Widow or Falcon who will help raze down enemies on screen for a short amount of time. It is like a bonus powerup that is best used for tight battles.

Simple Control System

The game's controls are pretty straightforward. The buttons on the right hand side allow for special moves to be activated while there is a virtual joystick on the left for movement. The game has additional options for movement as well, the first one allows for tapping on the screen to direct Rogers and the crew (like an RTS), and the third is a hybrid of the tapping and the joystick. In the time we spent with the game, we discovered that the most effective control system is still the single joystick as the tapping system was prone to trigger the shield attack instead of movement.

The shield attack is our favorite move in the whole game. As most fans would know, Captain America's trademark weapon is his vibranium shield. In combat, Cap throws the shield around like a discus, handily knocking down foes and bouncing off walls before bouncing back to Steve's hand. In the game, this attack is performed by you tapping on the screen and dragging a path for the shield to follow. This move is utterly satisfying, as you can damage and stun a large group of enemies before charging in and beating them all up while your support units finish off the stragglers. Against major enemies, making the shield ricochet and hit a target more than once is a great way of dealing plenty of damage fast. Continue Reading

Release Date: 27/03/2014

App Store Rating: 3.8/5

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Comic Book Visuals

Comic Book Visuals

The game makes use of cel shaded graphics and as such, it looks incredibly great (just like the Spider-Man endless runner). Damage effects appear as they would in comics, making it all the more delightful to the eyes. While the comic book look is totally cool, some movie fans may the look to be a little weird as it totally does not go well with the movie vibes. This is especially evident in the narrative scenes where we see great illustrations of the comic book villains and then we cut to the headshots of the movie characters giving their dialogues -that did come out pretty odd in the game.

Still, we prefer the while cel shaded look over an exaggerated hyper-real attempt at 3D which just does not go over well with mobile phone hardware. So yes, haters gonna hate, but from a very objective point of view, this comic book themed game looks totally awesome.

Should You Play It?


Action brawler fans will certainly enjoy the combat system of Captain America: The Winter Soldier especially with how well integrated into the game the team system is. While the choice of portrait mode (instead of landscape) means that you have less horizontal space to explore and movement is predominantly towards the top of the screen, you will feel the effectiveness of your long ranged support soldiers as they shoot down enemies that would flank your literal blindspots.

Obviously, Captain America and Marvel movie fans would do well to get this game as it not only lets you play as the iconic super soldier, but the game also gives a short (and non-canon) glimpse into Cap's activities after being brought into SHIELD. Overall, TWS is an amazing mobile app game that is worth the time it takes to play, and even with the annoying IAP content that pops out, the full game is easily accessible to the players.


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Captain America The Winter Soldier is developed by Gameloft.

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