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Captain America Sentinel of Liberty

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Provides a Quick Comic Fix

It is actually a stroke of genius to give Captain America a running game –after all, the man’s got the best of human speed and reflexes (thanks to the supersoldier serum), so watching him running around performing somersaults, wall jumps, tossing his shield, and taking down Hydra agents certainly provides a satisfying degree of fun. Sentinel of Liberty pulls of these little elements together nicely, though the end product still lacks a little something. So where did the devs go wrong or is the Captain just not quite a good fit for modern gaming?

More than anything else, this game is a novelty. It has comic book artwork, a super hero, and a gameplay that will keep you busy for a couple of days. The drawback is the less than accomplished visuals, slightly clumsy controls, and lack of voice-overs. Continue Reading

Release Date: 26/07/2011

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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Incomplete Visuals

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The graphics feel rushed and incomplete; what is present is good, but the stages, cut-scene artwork, and even game models feel like they were trimmed down in terms of detail. The slightly blocky-Captain even looks like he could use to lose a few pounds. Still, what exists is not so bad. The comic book art in between events still has that classic Marvel appeal (but anyone who says it is paying homage to the retro golden age look is in denial), and seriously some dialogue would help –even in the form of word balloons.

The controls are an unfortunate killjoy. Mind you, the game is fully playable, and there is no harm or penalty in moving about the stage repeating a simple feat a few times to get it right. So in terms of usability, the controls work. The problem is that the transition of moves is not smooth at all. Swiping and tapping on the screen is not a bad idea, but when the responses end up wrong, it feels a little lame. You will feel less like playing a hero with all the agility and coordination of the Captain and more like a bulky dude in a costume. The point of a hero game is to make you feel like you have access to their powers and abilities.; not trying to maneuver them when they are drunk.

And lastly, there are a few voice clips from Cap, which is actually pretty good. So it really makes you wish there were more since they would go so well for creating a deeper playing environment.

Captain America Sentinel of Liberty Mobile Game: Screenshot 3

Putting aside those three concerns, the game is still solid and good. The stages are just about the right size for finishing things in time. The side challenges are interesting (you get free comic covers as rewards too). The gameplay does try to make use of all of Cap’s abilities (except shield ricochets, which is a shame), so at least you get a nice grasp of his powers. Overall, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty serves up a light dose of fun for the fans of Steve Rogers. But if you are looking for something a little more engaging, there are other games to try.


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Captain America Sentinel of Liberty is developed by Marvel Interactive.

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