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It’s the Batman! The world’s greatest detective and all around favorite superhero is now on the mobile phone and it is not just in one game –he is in several (because he is Batman, that’s why). From endless running, to adrenaline pumping versus action, the Dark Knight takes on the world of mobile gaming and his games are absolutely fun to play. So whether you are a casual player who just wants to get a Batman fix or a core player who wants to see what kinds of gaming you can get on the go, here are some amazing Batman mobile games to choose from.

Batman Mobile Games

While most of the Dark Knight’s games hardly cover his abilities as the world’s greatest detective, they certainly do showcase just how much ass he can kick in a single night of vigilante crime fighting. And what better way to bring down the heavy hand of justice upon Gotham’s criminal forces than with a few well chosen apps for your mobile phone? Here are out favorite mobile app games featuring none other than Batman.

Batman and The Flash Hero RunBatman and The Flash Hero Run

It is not surprising to see Batman and Flash together in a single game. While you do not exactly get to play as both superheroes at the same time, the experience is nothing short of thrilling for any fans of DC comics. Now we will have to emphasize that a bit as most of the game’s play value stems heavily from how much the player loves the characters. As a running game, Hero Run is fun and has decent game mechanics –but aside from that there really is not much else that makes it stand out (and if anything, Spider-Man Unlimited seems to have a more dynamic running system).

So why Batman and Flash’s Hero Run even count? Because this game allows players to play as various versions of the two characters – the game allows players to play not only as the two titular characters, but also their alternate versions (ergo, other Batman costumes and as other heroes who were the Flash aside from Barry). Acquiring these other characters and leveling them up is an enjoyable way to play the game. While that approach is certainly grindy, it also makes Hero Run quite addictive to play.

Aside from Barry and Bruce, the game also features a whole cadre of DC icons –frontlined by A-listers such as Joker, Catwoman, and Gorilla Grodd. So yes, this is definitely a massive draw for fans of the comics and for anyone interested in learning more about the two character’s unique lore.

Batman Arkham OriginsBatman Arkham Origins

This action packed brawler puts players in control of the Dark Knight in his early days as a crimefighter –right at the point where he is introduced to the concept of super villains. The Batman Arkham Origins app game, as the name suggests, delivers pretty much the same storyline as the one in the console version (and as expected, the app simply provides a general overview of the premise; you will have to play the console version to get the full picture). That said, this is one of the best one on one brawling games ever made for the mobile, and in some ways, the combat is a lot more enjoyable than the one used for the Injustice: Gods Among Us app.

When the Black Mask puts out a massive bounty for Batman, it is not surprising that many criminal elements decide to answer the call. Now, several of the worlds toughest villains have gathered in Gotham with a single goal: defeat the Bat. This app game will have players facing off against Deadshot, Bane, Copperhead, and Deathstroke. Battles are fast paced, and while the initial stages are designed to be easy –expect to find your touch screen tapping skills pushed to the limits with the later stages. The good thing is, unlocking the better armors is not that hard to do (and earning exp for skills is a simple matter of playing a lot), and once you earn any of them, it certainly helps tilt the odds of winning a match into your favor.

Visually, the game is nothing short of outstanding. Thanks to the fact that it actually makes use of 3D models based on the ones used for the Arkham games, it is easy to say that the characters certainly look amazing and the fight-animations feel quite solid. The textures have been dropped down a bit from the console but they still look magnificent on the mobile.

One of our favorite features about this game is that it has a cloud save option so you can transfer your progress from one device to another and that the WBID function allows you to link up the app with a console version of the game in order to unlock content for both sides.

Batman the Dark Knight RisesBatman the Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is brawler-adventure style, open world app game that is set in the general premise of The Dark Knight Rises film –except that the story hardly follows what happens in the movie (which is actually not a bad thing when you think about it).

The good thing about this game is that it is massive and dynamic; inspired heavily by the Arkham series of console games, TDKR has a ton buildings and ledges that you grapple to and glide off from –creating a pseudo traversable Gotham right in your pocket. The catch is that this is probably the only truly awesome thing about the game. The combat is monotonous thanks to the single attack button used for attacks; no swiping, no complex movements, just mashing a single button on the single side of the screen.

The rest of the actions –jumping and grappling are triggered by buttons on top and below the attack function. This simplistic level of controls may have been designed with more casual players in mind, however it also severely limits the number of things that Batman can do in game. Overall, if you are looking for a game where you get to face off against a poetic version of Bane and see Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman, this is as close as you can get. But if you prefer Batman’s other iterations outside of the Nolan-verse, then this may not be the vigilante you are looking for.