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Batman and The Flash Hero Run

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Batman and the Flash Hero Run: Endless Runner Meets DC Universe

We are going to start out with the very obvious here: Gree is using DC's Batman to promote what is essentially a Flash game. Sure, Barry only becomes unlockable after the tutorial is finished (whereas Batman is available by default), but let us face it: the genre is endless running, why would anyone put the Caped Crusader in it? Actually, that is not an impossibility, but the way it was just hamfisted into this game is pretty noticeable. Anyway, is Hero Run fun or just another brand-squeezing game that lack any real depth? We try it out for you to learn more.

Running Can Be For Everyone, As Long as They Make It Work

Batman and the Flash Hero Run Mobile Game: Batman goes running!

The most obvious complaint we have is this: why is Batman running around in the middle of the street? He has a Batmobile, a Bat-cycle, and if we had to guess, a bat-tank or a bat-limo stashed somewhere in the cave as well. Seriously, you almost never see Batman running on the streets -which is what makes his game mode rather out-of-place. It would have made more sense if he was running across rooftops or through the interiors of a massive complex. Basically, whoever did this game had little love for the Dark Knight.

Batman and the Flash Hero Run Mobile Game: Flash goes for a Dash

Flash is pretty much in his element running around Gorilla Grodd's island. And that is basically our problem right there. Sure, comic book fans are quite familiar with the sentient ape villain of DC lore, but for everyone else, a mini-King Kong with high IQ is barely the kind of villain you would put on the same tier as the Joker or Lex Luthor. Not that Flash has an illustrious rogues' gallery, but Reverse Flash would have been a nice choice for a big villain (and give Barry the open city streets instead of Batman).

Batman and the Flash Hero Run Mobile Game: Take on the Evil Gorilla Grodd

Basically, the choices of setting for the two characters are quite off-base. This is what gives several comic book fans the feeling that the game is a little bit off (for reasons as they say, "no one could quite put a finger on"). The good thing is, the developers can always fix stuff like that with a patch/update or two. Continue Reading

Release Date: 22/05/2014

App Store Rating: 3.9/5

Game Trailer

Collecting Everything

Batman and the Flash Hero Run Mobile Game: Select a Card

The thing about free to play games that people often wonder about is: how far can you get before the eventual pay-wall? With Batman and Flash Hero Run, pretty far actually -though expect a whole lot of slow grinding to occur. The big catch with leveling your cards is that experience can only be gained by defeating enemies, and to beat the enemies you will need ammunition. And as you might have guessed by now, ammunition costs credits. In what appears to be one of the least well-thought of pay schemes, money-for-ammo is not a good thing. Sure, you can farm credits by doing runs but the bottom line is that it adds another long effort-some step to the already arduous grind.

Batman and the Flash Hero Run Mobile Game: Flying Kick

But is the effort (or your money) worth it? Depends on how big a fan of DC comics you are. The collectible cards are actually pretty nice -the artwork is astounding in many of them too. More often than not, the getting commons and uncommons will occur, but on those few times that rares do appear it does feel satisfying. Regarding the pull rate for ultra rares however, is a completely different thing (though it seems that other players have had a decent amount of luck with it).

The unlockable costumes are a major treat -and our favorite speedster, Wally West also makes an appearance. There are already a few hints of New-52 content being added in, but at the moment, they are minimal at best. This is neither a good thing or a bad thing really, it just depends on which era of DC comics you prefer.

Needs More Stages

Batman and the Flash Hero Run Mobile Game: Here Comes the Joker

Gotham's streets and Grodd's island gets old pretty fast. And even with a few of the sights slightly changing, these two heroes (and the other unlockable characters), need more to stretch their legs (literally). Hopefully, the game gets refined over time to provide players with a more action oriented gameplay with Batman (perhaps incorporate the use of his gadgets such as the grappling hook and gliding cape, as he traverses Gotham), and for Flash's mode to be more speed oriented (show him moving significantly faster than anything else in the stage).

The Verdict

The game tries hard to be a good comic tie-in title, and the sincerity is there: the inclusion of content that only comic fans would be familiar with is an obvious sign that the game is doing more than just trying to ride the hype of the Batman movies and Flash TV show (though yes, they are still trying to promote those two). The gameplay is where is hits a lot of snags, and considering that this is a video game, that really pulls down the game. There is always hope that these details get ironed out later on. So here's to crossing our figures for a massive update-slash-overhaul.

We give Batman and the Flash Hero Run a score of: 80/100


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Batman and The Flash Hero Run is developed by GREE Inc..

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