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More Super Than You Thought

To say that Marvel's Avengers is a bankable franchise is an understatement, the movie alone grossed record breaking figures. An app with the same brand would do well -which is why it is common for developers to get lazy with something that would "sell either way". But they didn't. Showcasing superheroic feats of game formulation, the dev team behind Avengers: Initiative has shown that they can bring a seriously good brawler to the iOS; and the fact that it has icon Marvel character is a definite plus.

Seems Familiar

First off, as impressive as Initiative is, it is not innovative or ground breaking. That credit goes to the folks behind Infinity Blade. Without any joystick/keypad and buttons, players have to use swiping and tapping controls on the touch screen -the system developed for Inifity Blade does exactly that. But instead of just copying another game straight out, Avengers: Initiative takes the gameplay further by adding new dodge, block, and parrying/deflect moves. This is the standard for touch screen fighting games, and Avengers meets that bar.

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Expect to find yourself glued to the screen as you carefully observe your opponents moves and actions and act accordingly. You will not be wining any fights by tapping wildly, winning involves you controlling the battle -and being able to adapt quickly to your opponents attacks. Fail to read their moves and expect to fall victim to powerful attacks. Continue Reading

Release Date: 05/09/2012

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

Smash Everything

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We're loving the fact that the starting character for this game is none other than Incredible Hulk. He's in his all new modern day Avengers uniform pants -which is not that bad looking, but still makes us miss his torn shorts, at least it is the right shade of purple. The details for the character models are astoundingly good, while the backgrounds did seem to have been given less detail, we appreciate the balancing -put all the extra polygons on what the players are actually looking at!

Those who cannot do without the shorts will have the option of buying additional costumes -like Savage Hulk and World War Hulk outfits. We are surprised that there are not Gray Hulk variants (particularly Joe-Fix-It), but the sheer volume of available options makes them worth collecting.

The voice acting is super fine, while they did not get the celebrity actors in the movies to reprise their roles, the Vas chosen for the game are doing a fine job of emulating their onscreen counterparts. Nick Fury's voice is astoundingly good, which makes the stylized SHIELD briefings more fun to watch. A Must Play, Must Have Game

The game is episodic, which means that the developers intend to release more content. This means more guest appearances from characters, more enemies, and quite possibly, more playable characters. The first one that adds Captain America is already available, and his fighting style has been designed to be distinctively unique from Hulk's (despite having the same control scheme).

Overall, we highly recommend Avengers: Initiative to any iOS gamer. You do not even have to be a fan of the series to appreciate it. The gameplay is deep, the controls are responsive (as best as a touch screen can deliver anyway), and the delivery is nothing short of being super.

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