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Whack The Super Hero

Whack Your Boss Super Hero

In Whack the Super Hero you get to take on the form of different super heroes and whack your boss with their powers. This is from the developer of other games such as Whack the Thief and Whack Your Teacher.

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Iron Man 3: The House Party Protocol

Iron Man 3 game

If you have not seen the Iron Man 3 movie yet, you are most certainly missing out. The third movie of the MCU series starring Robert Downey Jr. in the leading role is not only impressive, but it also plays host to the largest volume of Iron Man suits in a single movie. Of course, unless you have some sort of ultra-photographic memory, keeping track of all of the 42 suits that appeared in all the movies can be quite the problem (the third movie saw almost all of them too). So what’s the next best thing? A game that allows you to play as Tony Stark complete with full access to his entire armory.

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